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Mixing technical skills and experiences from different technologies and sectors allow us to use this innovative materials and make it into new ideas and solutions.

Turn-key service: from new product development to final series production we are able to support our customer for any request, product design & co-.design, prototype validation, tools and mould design & manufacture, final production with different textures, matt or gloss painting.

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C-SMC, or Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound (also known as CSMC or CF-SMC) is carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite material used in compression molding.

While traditional SMC utilizes chopped glass fibers in a polymer resin, CFSMC utilizes chopped carbon fibers.

The length and distribution of the carbon fibres is more regular, homogeneous, and constant than the standard glass SMC.

C-SMC offers much higher stiffness and usually higher strength than standard SMC.